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I believe real estate is first and foremost a people business. I can think of no other profession that touches the daily lives of people more than being a Realtor who helps people buy, sell, and invest in real estate. That is why for me, real estate is not just a profession it is a calling.


Patricia Joy Schenk, Realtor

M.Ed., Counseling Education

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The search toolbar above has a white button titled “More” where you can quickly refine your search. It allows you to quickly add common terms such as schools. You can also put in a keyword to completely personalize your search.


There is additional information under the “Info” tab in the menu above at the very top of the page . I frequently add to the “Info” page so please bookmark and come back often. The “Market Stats”, located here are updated monthly, usually on the 6th of the month. Stats go back 5 years. This will give you a very fair accounting of where the current market is. There are also seasonal buyer and seller guides.